Client Praises

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I have been looking for a life coach to help me get my ideas in order and to help keep me motivated. I’m glad that I met Aurelia and started working with her when I did. I am in the process of closing one life’s chapter and starting another and there are a LOT of things I need sorted out. Our sessions provide me with the insight to take the next baby step. If you are prepared to put in the work, complete your assignments and can handle the probing questions you are ready for a life coach. And when you’re ready, you need Real Life Solutions. – R.P., Hamilton, Bermuda

I have decided following much reflection that I needed to get a personal life coach. My reasoning was that I wanted someone not connected to me on a personal level to provide me with objective advice and support. I have personal mentors in my life, but with them I have a history. I wanted a fresh start, someone to take a look at me and figure me out from scratch. Aurelia came into my life as a coach at the right time. I am embarking on a couple of new endeavors and she is assisting with keeping me focused and working on my goals. Our sessions are detailed and thought provoking. I am looking forward to the many months of working together as a team. If you are looking for the same…look no further, Aurelia Williams is the personal life coach for you. – S.W., NJ

Aurelia and I have started working together as a Team. She is now my Life Coach and she has helped me so much in just one session! She is very Smart and knows what she is doing! I highly recommend her! Our First Session was based on how I can help my Business and how I CAN MAKE IT BETTER. I can change the topic every week if I wanted too or just talk about one issue and how I CAN FIX IT. I know just having Aurelia in my Life I will be able to be alot more Successful with outside Support from someone who has been there done that and is very Professional. Thank you Aurelia! – J.R.

For years I had heard about Life Coaches and thought what a novel idea, but how do you coach someone on how to live “their” lives? Well, I learned exactly whatit means to have an individual in your corner who is knowledgeable of your lifegoals and is willing to administer the medicine you need in just the dose and strength that you require.

I had stalled in some areas of my life that seemed very basic from the outside but insurmountable in my own mind. My experience with Aurelia gave me the permission I needed to make some timely and necessary decisions on a personal level. I had been “superwoman” for everyone else but the person that needed me most went unattended and neglected.

In a few short sessions, a new mind set was born and I have been on my way to taking better care of “me” without the fear of failing everyone else. Thanks Aurelia..forever grateful. – CHC in Melbourne, Florida

What Aurelia’s Mentor Says:

I have been Aurelia’s mentor, best friend and spiritual advisor for 8 years. It is more than a blessing for me to see her find her purpose, act on it and become successful. My greatest joy is helping others tap into their infinite self, which Aurelia has. Life Coaching is a natural gift for Aurelia which allows her to be the best at what she does. If you are looking for someone to assist you in achieving your goals, she is definitely the one. – Rev. KC, Maryland