Coaching FAQ’s

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What kind of people hire life coaches? And what do they work on?

Coaching is for people like you! It is for people who are “on a roll” and they may simply appreciate a neutral sounding board who will give them straight-up honest feedback and on-going support, as well as people who are “stuck” and just need a guide to help cultivate the tools necessary for them to evolve into a life filled with serenity, happiness and organization. In coaching, you learn to “mine” your life for golden possibilities that are the stepping-stones to your shining future.

Life coaches work with people in a variety of ways. You will benefit from the coaching process if you want to:

  • design life intentions that include both your business and personal goals.
  • build your personal integrity and learning to base all decisions on your values.
  • make meaningful personal changes that reduce stress and simplify your life.
  • free up energy and other resources to attract what you want for your life now.
  • enhance the quality of your communication and relationships.
  • identify your business or personal skill sets that need polishing.
  • work through a career or life transition.
  • achieve better work/life balance.
  • gain clarity, focus and direction.

These are just a few of the areas that people tackle with a life coach. The possibilities are unlimited!

How do coaching sessions work?

Every coaching session is focused directly on you – your needs, your goals, your wins, your aspirations, your life. You set the agenda based on what is most important to you and we work together on your plans and goals. As your life coach, I support you throughout your journey, collaborating with you in a fun, organized fashion as we identify your “next best steps” along your path to greater fulfillment.

I am 100% invested in your success and well-being. That is my top priority, and I encourage you to make use of all that I have to offer, as a resource, and as a friend. Coaching sessions are conducted over the phone and last approximately 45 minutes.

Generally, I work with clients weekly at a pre-scheduled time. You may choose the number of sessions per month based on what is right for you. Between scheduled sessions, you are free to contact me by email or brief phone calls if you have questions or when you have fantastic news to share or need extra support.

I will work very closely with you on reaching your goals. I offer straight-up honest feedback and on-going support to you based on your agenda. I will also guide you and help cultivate the tools necessary for you to evolve into a life filled with serenity, happiness and organization.


These are just a few of the areas that I can work with you on but the possibilities are unlimited!