How I Work

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Real Life Coaching serves women who are searching for balance, focus, organization and more self confidence in their lives.  I will work very closely with my clients on reaching their goals. I offer straight-up honest feedback and on-going support to women based on their person agendas. 

My clients consist of women who…

• want to build their self confidence and self esteem
• seek guidance, motivation and support
• wish to lower their stress and anxiety
• want to balance and simplify their hectic lives
• seek support in a variety of life transitions

I am fully trained and certified as a life coach and I am an excellent listener and observer. Perhaps you could benefit from coaching.

Coaching is a partnership and every coaching session is focused directly on you – your needs, your goals, your wins, your aspirations, your life. You set the agenda based on what is most important to you and we work together on your plans and goals. As your life coach, I support you throughout your journey, collaborating with you in a fun, organized fashion as we identify your “next best steps” along your path to greater fulfillment.

I am 100% invested in your success and well-being. That is my top priority, and I encourage you to make use of all that I have to offer.

You can expect

• An individualized coaching program that is focused on your goals.
• A partner in your success that will hold you accountable to your goals.
• Confidential discussions on any topic of your choice.
• Your own personal cheerleader at your side.

Generally, I work with clients weekly at a pre-scheduled time. You may choose the number of sessions per month based on what is right for you. Between scheduled sessions, you are free to contact me by email or brief phone calls if you have questions or when you have fantastic news to share or need extra support.

I will

• Be 100% dedicated to holding you accountable.
• Help you to create a list of “action steps” for you to take to reach your goals.
• Show you the best parts of you that you may often overlook.

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