Create a Stress Support System

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Stress is a natural human reaction to situations that life throws at us when we’re not expecting it. It can cause physical as well as psychological problems and can escalate to severe anxiety attacks if those problems are not met head on. It is important to always deal with the stress that you are feeling.

Moms are a crucial part of the family network. We always joke that if mom gets ill, the family would crumble. That may not be far from the truth. So, mom, who do you turn to in times of stress to keep from crumbling?

A support system is important for busy moms. It’s easy to get weighed down by doctor’s appointments, work deadlines, family obligations, and housework. Hanging across the bed crying your eyes out is usually a sign to activate your stress support system.

A mom’s stress support system consists of her circle of acquaintances, family, friends, and professional associations. Anyone that is willing to stand in the gap for you when you need something becomes a part of the system. In turn, you are a part of that system for someone else.

Start with your family. They are the system’s first line of defense. When mom gets overloaded, family members will notice first. Their radar will go off before anyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to ask your spouse to wash the dishes or help with homework because you need a minute to yourself.

Children are particularly sensitive to changes in the home. One of my sons made a card for me telling me how much he loved me because he saw that I was down. It made me cry even harder. He must have thought that I was cracking up, but I was happy. The support system had worked.

Your other family members are a part of the system. My sisters are my best girlfriends. We can talk and laugh when something is bothering us. We might not come up with a solution but the laughter reduces the stress. It’s nice to be understood and have some ice cream when you’re down.

Professional associations are important to the stress support system, too. If the source of the stress is a legal matter, a lawyer can help you to see your way clear to a solution. The same goes for a good mechanic, doctor, hairstylist, and educator. It’s amazing how much easier stressful situations are to handle when you have professionals at hand who you can lean on … and trust. Your car breaks down? No problem. Just call Lawrence, your trusty mechanic. Kids have a toothache? No worries. Dr. Stu will save the day. Stress comes from the most unlikely places so your support system needs to include as many different sources of help as you can find.

I have also found answers on the Internet on message boards, when I’ve been stressed and needed help. Moms have many websites that cater to them and their special needs as working mom or stay at home mom. You may never meet these other women in person, but a close bond can be formed across the digital highway. Your closest friend could be in cyberspace. There’s nothing wrong with that. Turn to them if you need to talk. You don’t have to go it alone.

A support system is crucial for stress management. If you don’t have one, start recruiting today. Moms can always use the extra support.

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