How To Stop Getting Stressed Out

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Many different things can cause stress — from physical (such as fear, illness or dangerous conditions) to emotional (such as concern for loved ones or your job).  Stress can be both negative or positive but many peole search for ways to learn how to stop getting stressed so that they can feel more relaxed.

Here are a few ways that you can start to learn how to stop getting stressed

Step Back & Breathe -   Anytime you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, STOP whatever you’re doing. It’s very important to just step away from the situation and count to ten. Very often, people allow themselves to get annoyed and frustrated over things that are not really that important.

Someone took the parking spot you’ve been waiting for. Is it really worth a fight?  Learning how to stop getting stressed any times just starts with asking yourself  “Is it worth my energy”?

You just cleaned the living room and your spouse proceeded to toss a jacket over the sofa and the mail on the coffee table. If you go berserk, it’s likely going to ignite an argument.

Step back from the situation. Take a deep breath. Write down the incident in your journal if it helps you release some stress.

In the scheme of things, most similar situations aren’t worth you headed for an anxiety attack.

2) Come Up With a Plan - When you’re getting overwhelmed, coming up with a NEW plan is in order.  Perhaps you’re stressing over the big meal you have to prepare for Christmas dinner. Your new plan may be calling all the attendees and asking them to bring a dish, or calling your local supermarket or restaurant and having the meal catered.

Maybe you’re stressing over getting your holiday cards done. A new plan may be to not send cards this time of the year if it’s not a fun process for you. Another new plan may be to just write out 3-5 cards each day, until you get them all done. This baby steps approach works wonders!

Maybe getting packages wrapped at the store so you don’t have to do it at home is a viable strategy for you.

Can’t seem to organize your closet on your own? Call an organized friend, or a professional.

Perhaps going out to dinner with your spouse to discuss how you can both make each other’s lives easier will give you some quality time together and allow you to relieve some of the pressure.

Whatever you do, don’t ever just keeping doing what you’re doing. Getting overwhelmed is cause for a fresh, new approach.

3) Make Time For Fun – To work on learning how to stop getting stressed, very often, getting overwhelmed is a result of all work and no play. Look at your schedule. Is there any semblance of a balance between work activities and leisure activities. The scale, for most people, leans heavily towards work– whether that means a business, a job, chauffeuring the kids around to all their activities, cleaning the house, or cooking the meals.

Every single day should include at least one fun activity, and I highly recommend more.

No, you don’t have to go to an amusement park each day. Simple things like a chai tea break, taking the time to talk to a good friend about your hopes and dreams, looking through an old photo album, flipping through your favorite cookbook, or playing a game with your child, can all do wonders for your sanity.

One thing I like to do is tack my fun time on to the completion of a project. For instance, I may iron a whole bunch of clothes and then take time out to go for a brisk walk. Or I may complete a writing project and then do some relaxing stretches.

Remember, life is so much easier and happier when you’re able to say you got lots done and was able to enjoy the simple pleasures throughout the day.  By using the tips above you too can learn how to stop getting stressed daily and then enjoy more things.

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