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Your “Real-Life” Solutions and Resources

For almost a decade Aurelia Williams has helped women to visualize their dreams and then shown them how to realize those dreams as goals in their every day lives. She’s the “real-life” coach that has helped so many to see the potential and joy possible in life.

The Internet may offer an intimidating tangle of information on countless topics but on this page you’ll find all the targeted and popular services and resources Aurelia has created for busy women and mothers just like you.

Looking for free resources you can actually use, daily living tips and inspiration tailored to busy moms?

Real Life Solutions - helping to make your family life healthier and fun

Then bookmark www.reallifesolutions.net and make it part of your daily routine. On this super resource website is the popular Real Life Solutions Blog offering posts on a large variety of topics from stress management to aerobics for your children and from healthy menus to work from home ideas…the choices are endless and bound to inspire you.


There’s a Reason why Personal Coaching is so Popular today…It works!

When you’re ready to make some immediate changes in your life to regain your energy, build your confidence and get your personal and professional life in order, it’s time for a life coach.Aurelia is a certified life coach who for 6 years has worked successfully with many women to realize their personal and professional goals. Get your free coaching consultation today by visiting www.reallifecoaching.net.



Aurelia is THE Online Resource for Parents of Teens

Aurelia’s popular “Parenting My Teen” podcast is a program featuring some of the country’s leading experts in parenting and the teenage years. From peer pressure and drugs, to preparing for college and independence, Aurelia covers it all in her weekly podcast and regular blog posts. 

If you’re searching for something more personal than the “Parenting My Teen” podcast to address your parenting issues, why not talk to Aurelia about becoming your Parenting Coach. Visit here for more details.


Step by Step Guides Available to you 24-hours a Day

Real Life Guidance publications are comprehensive guides on some of the most important topics to mothers and working women today. Topics range from “Helping Your Teen with High School” to “Balancing Work and Family.” Browse the Real Life Guidance library now and have access to the guide of your choice in minutes.


Interested in Earning Income? Become a Real Life Affiliate

If you are interested in earning income as an affiliate marketer of quality services and products for today’s busy women, families and entrepreneurs consider becoming a Real Life Affiliate Visit www.reallifeaffiliates.com to learn more.

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